New work is finally unboxed!

Ugh. It’s like I have all the best intentions and no time. I finally had some time today to unbox all the fired work from April with the intention of doing some really good documentation photography and posting it to this site. Of course I had a meeting today and it ran late. All I […]


Every year it’s a mad scrabble to get the pride show organized and every year I vow never to do it again. So here we are a year later and it’s a mad dash to the finish. Despite the chaos I am really excited this year to not only be featuring my latest installation/photographic work […]

Soda Fire

Took a long road trip all the way to Medicine Hat to do a Soda firing. The work to come out of that Kiln look amazing and I will be updating the potty mouth page as soon as I find time to take some picutres